Coaching HeartTalk and Me – an Introduction

What I love about life is that I’m always learning. I’ve often said that the day I stop learning will be the day I stop breathing.

And I’m also all about connecting. Connecting with family, connecting with friends, connecting with clients… and of course, connecting with self. And now, connecting with you through his blog!

It’s taken me a long time to realize how important it is to connect with myself. Truly, deeply and lovingly. So I can do that with others. So I can feel joy and peace and excitement and contentment – all of it!

To do that, I had to find my heart. Or rather, my heart found me. We had a little adventure, my heart and I, a few years ago. And afterward I thought, I’ll just get on with my life as before. People said, everything will be different now. I poo-pooh’ed that. And carried on.

Fast forward to now. I finally get it. Slow learner, but learner nonetheless 🙂 I get that my heart knows my truths, my heart speaks the truth, my heart leads me forward with love, compassion and wisdom.

And I have finally come to appreciate what so many friends and coaches have been telling me for the past three and a half years. Your experience is worth something to other people! You know so much about how to live and to give and take fully from life. You are an inspiration to others. You need to share your heart with theirs.

So that’s how it all comes together in this blog I have called Coaching HeartTalk. I hope my musings, reflections, and experiences of life will resonate with you and lead you to connect to your heart too – so that you discover and follow the path to whatever your heart desires – career, love, relationships, adventure, contribution, music, joy…. all of it and more.

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