Heart Talk

For some time I have struggled with defining my niche, my personal message to the world (a.k.a. my blog readers, clients, potential clients, friends and family, and… you!).  Several close friends and coaches have encouraged me for years in the direction of ‘heart’ messages.  I listened, but didn’t really pay attention, or if I did, absorb the significance — except when I named this blog Coaching HeartTalk.

Well, something was at work when I thought that name up!  In fact, the name came to me when I brainstormed with myself a number of possible titles, and this is the one that resonated.  And the tag line I created, as you can plainly see, is “Listening to the wisdom in your heart”.

However, while you may have all seen that, I am perhaps the only one who didn’t!!  Duh.  Until recently, when I decided that I really do have something to say about listening to one’s heart.  And just to be sure I got the message, my heart reminded me, with a little jolt a few weeks ago.  If you know me (or even if you don’t), don’t worry. I’m fine.  And I got the message.  My former coach called it a “cosmic joke”, meaning that the Universe just wanted to be sure I “got it”.

So suddenly I am excited about the possibilities there for me – and you – as I more consciously and intentionally write about how one can live and lead their lives, and others, from heart.  And pay attention to our heart.  And listen to its wisdom.

I started surfing the net and am discovering others are ahead of me, but not that many.  And anyway, there is room for us all.

So today the coaching questions would be:

  • When were you aware of listening to your heart?
  • When were you aware of not paying attention to the messages your heart offered you?
  • What is possible when you get in touch with that amazing source of information?

More….much more to come, about ‘listening to the wisdom in your heart”.

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