Head vs. Heart

Every week I am on a call with a group of coaches with whom I took The Coaches Training Institute’s Coactive Space Leadership Program – http://www.thecoaches.com/leadership/ – a powerful, experiential 10-month program that we shared together eight years ago.

We have wonderful conversations and coach each other about issues we are dealing with personally and professionally.  We learn so much from these conversations, as well as support one another through life’s ups and downs, its challenges and joys.

This morning we were helping one of our group think through a decision she was trying to make.  Our questions and discussion really focussed on what the heart knows that the head is often arguing with.  How much easier is it to decide something when we get in touch with our heart where our truth resides?  So much less struggle.  So much more clarity.  So much more movement forward.

To me the heart and/or gut are the place of ‘inner knowing’, the place that has no time or space for the inner voices in my head.  I just know.  If only I would touch that place (literally or figuratively) whenever I have a decision to make, I know (because I just know) I would make it with ease and flow, and it would be right.

When you struggle with decisions, which part of you is running the show? Is it your head or your heart or gut?  Are you aware of the difference?

Next time you have a decision to make and catch yourself in the head game, touch that place in you that just knows and see how easy it can be.

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