Gratitude, Felt and Expressed

Yesterday afternoon I was close to the center of the city where I live – Kingston, Ontario –  on a very cold and crisp day– when I noticed a huge dark cloud in the sky.  I recall thinking, ‘that’s odd’, as it was lightly snowing, and then saw a huge flame in the center of the cloud.

Not normally a gawker, I found myself driving towards the fire to see where it was coming from, and then turned a corner to see what you all saw on tv or twitter. – a massive fire on our main street in town, a crane extending out of the fire and cloud of smoke, and a small, dark figure at the end of the crane. I heard a large bang, and decided it would be prudent to leave the area, went home and followed the dramatic story there.

This morning I am grateful for the firefighters, the military rescue team, the police, and all who managed this frightening incident with calm and skill.  I am grateful no one was killed or seriously injured. I am sad for those whose homes or businesses were affected.

I wish the crane operator a gentle recovery from what must have been a terrifying experience.

As I sit here in my comfortable family room with the fire on, I am reminded how grateful I am for every day of life.

So with this as a backdrop to the approaching holiday time – Christmas for those who celebrate it – a respite for those who don’t – let us all be grateful for the good in our lives and radiate that feeling to those around us and to the world.

I wish you all the best of the season, and a warm and wonderful introduction to the new year before us.

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