Connecting with Self

Sometimes the obvious is in front of our own face, and we can’t see it for looking!  It’s true for my clients; and more often than not, it’s true for me.

It takes my own coach – the wonderful, insightful, and wise Shahmeen Sadiq (Anjali Leadership), to point out the (sometimes not-so) obvious to me.  As she does frequently.  As she did today.

As part of my continuing quest to create a ‘platform’ from which to let my potential clients know who I am, what I stand for, and what I offer them, my coach pointed out what she knows to be my unique gift – connecting deeply with others so they can connect with themselves.

Funny – I often tell people my middle name is “connection”…..because I love connecting with people – my clients, my friends, everyone I meet!  And I value those connections, and nurture them, because they jazz me, inspire me, warm my heart.

I am amused to look at the question I posed in my posting last May, that bears repeating now:

  • When were you aware of not paying attention to the messages your heart offered you?

I guess I’m aware now! My heart is telling me I know how to connect from the heart.  People – especially young (35-45) professional women and men (the peeps  who most inspire me!) – yearn for that connection, whether they are aware of it or not.  On a 24-7 treadmill to succeed, meet their own and others’ expectations, be all things to all people all the time, they and their dreams and desires often get lost in the process.

Connecting with our own truth – what’s in our own heart – is one of the most free-ing, enlightening and powerful experiences we can give ourselves.  And everyone else we connect with!  So ask yourself:

  • What is your heart telling you now?
  • What is the connection you yearn to make?

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