Back to Overwhelm?

Wow! One minute I’m coasting along, and the next I’m almost at overwhelm. How did I get from there to here? Could it be because I am going away in a few days, and all of a sudden there isn’t mañana, the Mexican term for tomorrow?

(Mind you when I Googled the word to be sure I was correct about it’s meaning, I found a great explanation in an easy reading, informative article by Shep Lencheck, who moved to Mexico and learned that “The secret of living here happily is to adopt the Mexican time-frame. When you do, you will find yourself free from deadlines, unafraid to postpone things or be late for appointments.”…. you can read it at

But I digress… this was supposed to be about me. No no, I meant, about you!

How are you at getting things done, not procrastinating, ticking off the to do list?
How are you at just coasting… and smelling the flowers?
How are you at balancing smelling the flowers with getting things done?

I’d love to hear your answers in my Comments Section. Meanwhile, I’m off-site for a couple of weeks to an Irish castle for our son’s wedding to his Irish bride! I’ll be checking in to my blog and if not too much smelling the flowers, maybe writing a blog post or two. Or maybe… mañana.

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