A Big Shift

One of the neat things about coaching is when you literally feel something has shifted in your awareness.  You notice it when you have been struggling with an issue, or are stuck in a certain frame of mind, and it feels unsatisfying.  And then, your coach asks you a certain question, or gives you some feedback about what she or he is hearing, and it’s like a lightbulb went on and a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

It happened deliciously to me yesterday when I asked a coach friend and colleague of mine, Jeannie Campanelli to coach me on an issue I was struggling with.  Knowing that the body contains wisdom that we often ignore or discount, Jeannie offered to use a “body-centered coaching” technique – one we have both learned from the pioneer of this way of accessing the body’s wisdom, Marlena Field.

Jeannie helped me identify the various options in front of me, then took me mindfully and skilfully through each option – not as a thinking exercise, but as a body awareness exercise. The answer I needed was, of course, within, and the sensations in my body as we explored each option, were palpable and obvious.  Some options left me feeling flat, one produced tension in my neck, and then there was one that produced a fluttering of excitement in my stomach.  The decision was clear.

And it was about more than that one decision.  I realized that my approach to this and similar issues had been holding me back and in a flash of insight, I shifted how I view my work and what I want to do this year and in the coming years.

Have you had such an experience?  Do you listen to the wisdom in all of your body (not just your head?) What might be there for you if you paid attention to what your whole body has to tell you?

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